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I started programming my sophomore year of high school trying to teach myself C++ with the intent of making the next open-world, massively multiplayer RPG with a revolutionary in-depth crafting system. And Guns. By myself. Not surprisingly, that didn't work out very well and after starting at a more reasonable scale and switching over to C#, I began an obsession with gamedev that's kept my head in the clouds for years.

Currently Playing:

  • Duelyst
  • Bloodborne
  • YOUR game?????


  • Half Orc Barbarian 8 / Armor-Bonded 2
  • Aspiring Gundam Pilot
  • Currently Working On:

    .ritual - Coming 2017

    Seek a hidden city spoken of in legends. Explore alien ruins and recover pieces of an ancient relic in a colorful world of exploration and puzzle-solving You can take a look at the site which contains links to the alpha demo here. More to come soon....

    • Made with C# in Unity 5

  • ArtPunk - Winter 2015

    Top-down 2D game where player explores an art gallery and interacts with the ghosts of famous artists. Made for a friend's art histor final project over a few days.

    • Made with C# in Unity 5

  • Lookout - Spring 2015

    A short 2d stealth game made as an entry for Ludum Dare 32. Hide behind obstacles to avoid the unwanted attention of the guards while you clear the way to the launch codes using your HAX-BOY(TM)

    • Made with C# in Unity 5
    • Overall Rating - #141 (3.71) out of 2821

  • Galactic Shred - Winter 2014

    A short space combat game made as my first true foray into game AI. Navigate through swarms of allies and enemies alike as you grab powerups and rack-up points in an arcade shooter inspired by this flash game!

    • Made with C# in Unity 5
    • Large Scale AI Sim

  • Salmon Simulator - Spring 2014

    Find out what life is like as a real salmon trying to make it upstream for mating season in this hyper-realistic 2d simulation. Avoid obstacles and make your way to the end of the level using nothing but your mouse to control our good friend Sammy the salmon.

    • Made with Game Maker: Studio

    Previous Work Experience:
    1. Funn Magazine - Unity Developer Winter 2015
      • C# programming for Augmented Reality mobile app
      • Content creation with Photoshop and Blender
      • Use of Unity systems such as Shuriken (Particles), Mecanim (Animation), Asset Bundles
    2. American Express - Web Development Intern Winter 2014 – Fall 2014
      • Improving internal web-based tools; primarily using Java, Javascript, and BASH shell scripts
      • Mentoring newer interns
      • Automating updates to MySQL databases
      • Heavy use of Subversion for source control
      • Coordinating development with peers in an agile environment
      • Designing interfaces for new developer tools
    3. Barnes & Noble - Bookseller Fall 2011 – Fall 2014
    4. BCS - Field Assistant Summer 2010 – Fall 2012
      • Setting up computer networks for small businesses & schools
      • Windows maintenence & antivirus service
      • Assembling desktops for clients
      • Family operated
    • Graduated from Pinnacle High School - Class of 201 with Best Male Artist Award
    • Attend Paradise Valley Community College with Honors Scholarship for Computer Information Systems
    • Total score of 1700 on SATs (Includes writing score)
    Familiar Languages:
    • C# - 4 Years
    • HTML/CSS - 4 Years
    • Javascript - 3 Years
    • Java - 2 Years
    Game Engines:
    • Unity 5 - 4 Years
    • Microsoft XNA - 2 Years
    • Unreal Engine 4 - <1 Year
    Asset Creation (Minor Experience):
    • Blender (Modelling / Rigging)
    • Adobe Photoshop (Image Editing / Textures)
    • FL Studio (Music)
    • Audacity (SFX)
    • Passion for learning
    • Calm Temperament
    • Multi-Disciplined